Read about the website in Charleston City Paper!

I want this website to be an online gallery of work created during our collective isolation. With everything that’s happening, the world can seem claustrophobic and shadowed. That’s where art comes in – to open us up and remind us that there’s still room for endless amounts of reflection and creativity.

A lot of artists are secluded. And I’m excited to see what people have been doing with all of this time on their minds.

WeStillCreate will publish work created during this mandated social isolation. I’m particularly interested in hearing songs, reading poems and looking at visual art. But everything is welcome.

I’ll also put up a link to people’s payment profiles just in case the public wants to donate money to an individual artist. I’m not receiving any funds or benefit from this beyond the joy of providing a platform to display work. Social media controls too much of our narrative. Let’s look elsewhere for content.

The website will be temporary, because this health scare will be temporary.

-Marcus Amaker