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Deaf and dumb, a figure head who
Represents no one but his own self interest
Warns the country of nothing.
Except a conspiracy meant to snag his foot,
So that his unravelling could be
Blamed on someone else.
It’s never his fault.
Bewildered and misinformed, a public uncertain
Of truth verses delusion
Counters in the only way that feels safe-
Fear, Anger, Depression.
Boiling, bubbling, vibrating with confusion
Hands and feet claw past compassion.
Wave after wave it crashes over people,
Too focused on self preservation to look beyond
Wiping their own asses.
Still no voice of leadership.
Only grandiose gesticulations,
To prove his own self worth.
We always need a scapegoat though,
Misery is unsettling and finds a home in death.
Death has no certainty, and circles back to fear.
Fear silences questions and truth.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
A pulse beat of the earth
Awakens the mouth of flowers to sing,
Into a warmth that calls out to growth and life.
Past the noise, past the anxiety, a natural state of being
Speaks only one word: serenity.

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