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You always find me
when I least expect it.
In person, in a car,
A flight of feeling
remembered through
a dream of a cocktail bar.

Ya gave me a panic attack.
Ya gave me euphoria.
Ya gave me fear prior,
Ya gave me desire.
To be what I hoped
would be a better me.
To flail on the ground,
my crescent busted lip
still tastes bittersweet.

What is required
to impress Someone
is to request Their interest
in you be skewed into
Something new;
A shift of mood.
No, That’s not true,
you’ve known it too.
3 dreams, 1 night.
3 heart attacks on sight.
One might think your type
craves the low light,
but fuck, the brightest
nights I’ve never had
rarely left my bedside.
Yet they still permeate my life.
Those Ghosts of whispers
deter sobriety for the sake of causality.
As a friend once told me:
This is my reality.

I never wanted to leave ya.
But we all have to work sometimes.
Stay careful.
Waiting for your World to bloom
can consume you.

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