heARTS of kindness by Lily Lassiter

I have created this “heARTS of kindness” video compilation of student-made artwork, music, and more to show the power of the arts to heal and unite people. I hope it brings you a bit of joy during this pandemic. Enjoy!
– Lily Lassiter

"Survival Skills" by Marcus Amaker

this was done with an OP-Z, Korg Monotron and Looperman on april 5, 2020.

Music by Samuel Loncar

Check out Becoming Human: A Podcast For A Species In Crisis. More info on the website.

"Yellow House" by DuPree Wall

I originally wrote this about the plight of refugees, but the lyrics ring true even now. The video was made by Larry Yungk, a retired refugee worker affiliated with the World Church Organization,UN, and other relief agencies. The World Church Organization has used the song and I am not trying to profit.
Poppa DuPree

Music by Bobby Sutton

Music by mellamojohnny

Music by Mr. Enlightenment